has its starting point in the EU-Youthstart project Get Going with Music which from 1997 to 99 took place at the social institution for unemployed people, Kofoeds Skole in Copenhagen

Get Going with Music
was an informationproject which collected informations about methodologies around using music as a socialpedagogical tool towards disadvantaged youth.

 In March 1999 Get "Going with Music" and the transnational cooperation Artisan hosted the conference "Other Ways of Learning" for 100 projectmanagers and cultural youthworkers.

In addition to the conference 100 young persons from 6 different countries attended the Interart project and worked on a performance named "A Stranger is a Friend You Haven' t Met Yet", which was the most impressing part of the conference.

Get Going with Music arranged several training courses e.g. "Dance & Rhytmic Training as Ways of Motivating Disadvantaged People to an Active Life" which was the major part of an EU-Kalejdoscope project named "Arttrain" and took place in Montluçon, France in October 1999.

At a constituting meeting 11. December 1999 a group of participants from this project decided to establish the organisation Arttrain.