The Youthstart project "Get Going with Music" did take place from 1997-99.
It was an information project with a starting point at the Music Department of
Kofoeds Skole, a huge social institution for unemployed people in Copenhagen

The purpose of the project was to collect and effect information and knowledge of methods and results from people, other projects and institutions in Europe, that works with disadvantaged young people, and which uses music, to some degree, as a socialpedogogical tool.

Get Going with Music was the Danish part of the transnational partnership ARTISAN, which besides was including following projects:

  - Youth Moves to Dance



 - Artisan, Wales


  - Tracto Decibel, France



 - DANCAR, Portugal




The transnational partnership Artisan was constituted on a meeting
at Kofoeds Skole in Copenhagen in October 97.

  Present on the photo are (from right to left):



 Jeff Greenidge, Project Manager & European Research Officer, WJEC, Wales


  Jacques le Montagner, Director, IFA, France



 Guy Garcia, Director, MJC Montluçon, France



 Pauline Crossley (+ daughter Leah) Performing Arts Officer, WJEC, Wales



 Carsten Jensen, Head of Education Department, Kofoeds Skole


 Salvatore Messina, Italia é Cultura, Palermo, Italy 



 Bo Otterstroem, Project Manager, Kofoeds Skole


The transnational cooperation ARTISAN was trying to explore performing arts and artrelated work as an alternative way of teaching

Artisan was working with disadvantaged youth, youth workers and creative artists to establish a network of leaders who can effectively use arts participation and experience to better equip young people in their understanding of and integration into the labour market.

"Get Going with Music" was working on the furthering use of the knowledge of music as a socialpedagogical tool and during the days 18 - 21 March 1999 Get Going with Music was hosting an international conference at Kofoeds Skole with the topic "Performing arts as a Socialpedagogical Tool".

The conference, which has got the titel "Other Ways of Learning", was representing projects from 12 different European countries, using music, dance and theatre in developing educatin and lifelong learning within their community, and the conference was a first step in building up a network of "art-youth-workers" .

The conference did, beside an exhibition part, present different workshops, lectures and performances by young people showing how artwork, e.g. because of its high status in subcultures, can function as an engine in learning processes for disadvantaged young people. In this connection the conference was also able to present a special performance made by 79 young people from 6 different countries under the wings of the EU programme Youth for Europe.