"Dance & Rhythmic Training as ways of motivating Disadvantaged People to an Active Life"

16-21. October 40 arttrainers from Portugal, Wales, Finland France and Denmark working with community education met in Montluçon 300 km. south of Paris to participate in the training the trainers seminar "Arttrain L´Europe Concrète par la Culture", which were supported by the European Union through the Kaleidoscope programme.

The seminar was arranged by Bo Otterstrøm from Kofoeds Skole in Copenhagen in co-operation with Guy Garcia, MJC Montluçon and Romeu Veloso from Ginasiano, Escola de Dança in Oporto, Portugal.


The schedule of the seminar included a long row of practical workshops on topics from music, dance & theatre as inspiration and further education of the participants, but the programme also included good possibilities of exchanging experiences on a European level just like the work with "Open Space Technology" during which the following topics were put on the agenda:
1) What do you do to avoid burning out as an arttrainer and social-/youthworker? 2) How important can artwork be in each ones life?

3) Violent Crime & consequences of using the arts. 

4) Why does performing arts act as a catalyst in social work / community education?

5) Music & drugs. How do we handle the combination?

6) Is there any reason to choose art activities?

7) What is the role of institutions, projects, schools etc.?

The reports from these workshops can be seen below in this newsletter.

But there were also time for a little sightseeing trip to the countryside surroundings of Montluçon and to the old town of Montluçon itself with the castle the from 2001-04 will be the working place of another EU supported project.

A new museum of popular music will add an extra dimension to: "Montluçon Cité de la musique vivantes".