About ECU-Net-Project 
Notes from
ECU-Net Training sessions

ECU-Net-Project was a 2 year project for youth-workers from South East Europe including training in the interactive, empowering Forum Theatre provided by Theatr Fforwm Cymru. ECU-Net-Project was co-ordinated by Arttrain.
Please find notes from the training sessions here - written by Henriette Gais Johansen, Danish participant, studying social education.

Establishing the ECYnet
Networking was also an important part of ECU-Net-Project. So we constituted "European Network of Cultural Youthwork / ECYnet in Targo-Mures, RO, 21-26.6.2003. See pictures from the event. Find the notes of the constitution taken by Jeanne Dahl, Arttrain Denmark.

Participants in
1st ECU-Net-