Meeting in Tirgo Mures, Romania - of June 2003

The agenda of the meeting was to constitute an international organization called:

European Network of Cultural Youth Work

Webpage will be:

See pictures of signing the documents

The purpose of ECYnet is to be a forum for exchanging knowledge and methods in different kinds of art, training courses for cultural/ art workers, working with young people.

We were 11 countries represented to constitute the organization, and Holland and Finland will probably join us soon, as Helsinki Youth Department and Cultural Youth Center P60 in Amstelveen were among those who took the first initiative to such an organisation in 1999.

In most countries, the local government has provided football lanes and other sportfacilities, but art and music do not have the same opportunities.

The organization will seek influence on the cultural politics in each country represented, through the national organizations of ECYnet.

As far as we know, there is no international organization working with arts and young people. In this new international organization our work can be more official, and it gives us the possibility to seek money from the EU.

Also it will be possible to seek money for administration-costs. On long terms it will give us possibility to open an office in one of the membership countries

The Statutes for the international organization was the object of a very long and good discussion. We did not finish and will continue on the next meeting.

National laws, different memberships and chart of the whole organization was among the items we discussed.

The discussion was very detailed because of the differences according to law in each country.

For a start the focus will be on the international organization and webpage.

We looked at statutes from another organization to compare, if we had all needed in our statutes.

It is important to write about rights for full members and not only obligations. There is no lower limit of associations needed to form a national ECYnet organization.

How the chart of the whole organization is going to be is not finally decided.

For the Web domain was decided.

Bo Otterstroem from Arttrain, dk, will register the international domain and as many as possible of the national domains. Should some difficulties appear, he will contact the national org.

When a national organization is established, the national domain will be delegated to them.

Each country must construct their own homepage, and the international homepage will be constructed in Denmark by Arttrain.

We all agreed on constituting ECYnet international!

Monday afternoon a press conference was held and all 11 countries present signed the constituting act. Arttrain will post one origininal of this document to the involved organisations.

2 TV networks and several journalists were present, and all participants from the Agora project held in Targo Mures as well.


For yearly membership fees we agreed on:
Eastern countries:    Western countries:  
Individuals 2 Euro Individuals 25 Euro
Individuals age below 26 1 Euro Individuals age below 26 10 Euro
NGO 5 Euro NGO 75 Euro
Public inst. 10 Euro Public inst. 150 Euro
and National bodies
over 200.000 citizens
50 Euro Municipality
and National bodies
over 200.000 citizens
700 Euro
and National bodies
under 200.000 Citizens and
Private corporations
25 Euro Municipality
and National bodies
under 200.000 Citizens and
Private corporations
350 Euro

Rules about exclusion, if membership fee is not paid, will be discussed  in another meeting.


Activity suggestions:

A journal yearly in print. (maybe ECF funding )



Key string


Insurance for traveling: Maybe we can get a good price as an organization and offer it as a service.

Electronic newsletter every 2 month

Information about other organizations networking

Training opportunities

Description of each organization represented in ECYnet international

Info concerning funds and fundraising

Organizing study visits

Discussions will continue in Wales in addition to the Grundtvig meeting and ECU-Net training, probably Sunday 14.9 and again in Sofia and Ohrid 17-25.1.2004.

Ref: Jeanne Dahl, Arttrain Denmark.