Please find reports from the Agora work and socializing and from constitution of European Network of Cultural Youthwork / ECYnet
Demonstration of Forum Theatre in Practice
Targo-Mures, Romania, 21-26. June 2003
The Agora is a part of the international ECU-Net-Project,
which, with support from European Union’s program "Youth"
is running a training-program in the interactive, empowering dramaform
forum theatre.
The training is provided by Theatr Fforwm Cymru from Wales,
and 50 people from 10 different countries will
during 2003 receive intensive training.
The Agora is the place for the participants to show how they use the new skills and to have feed back from the trainers.
The main group of participants are coming from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania and Serbia and for them the Agora (incl. transportation) will be free.

For participants from EU it will be necessary to charge 500 EUR,
which will cover airticket, local transportation in Romania,
food and accommodation.