Agora in Tirgo Mures, Rumenia
21-26/7-03 extracts of forum Theater

At this agora the both groups A and B were gathered. The following pictures are a mix of the two groups.
This time the groups were added with young people from the ongoing projects in different countries.

We were led through various exercises of Forum Theater by the two skilled instructors Anna Gifford and Gill Dowsett from "Theatr Fforwm Cymru" in Wales.

This was the third time the groups were gathered, and the level of training moved to a higher level of responsibility in the proces of foruming and instructing.

After warming up exercises we focused on issues and stories that were important and real to the participents, in the sense that they had really happened or were ongoing situations.

The stories that were told often focused on domestic violence, oppressive sexual behaviour and lack of service by the authorities. Other stories focused on traumatic experiences through the Balkan wars, problematic family situations and lack of sexual tolerance.
Many issues from life before and after the big changes in politics were dealt with in the Forum Theater focusing on possible ways of reacting and acting.

Providing more possible ways to act and react is a very strong element in the Forum theater.

Example of Forum Theatre.