Arttrain projects 2001-2014

Besides implementing own projects ARTTRAIN did for more than 10 years coordinate the European network "Drums for Peace", which since 2012 has been a legal international organisation with a full-time, paid coordinator.
For information on Drums for Peace-projects please look here:

22-29.3 Nykoebing F DK Bridges 2014 Multilateral exchange with participants from IS, IT, PT, RO, SE & DK.
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12-19.10 Telavi GE Connected Multilateral exchange in Georgia with participants from AM, AZ, DK, FI, GA, PT & UA.
9-13.8 Sakskoebing DK "Human Rights Theatre" Training-Course in Forum Theatre for BA, DK, IS, MD, UA, SE & Wales (UK).
14-21.4 Nykoebing F DK Bridges 2013 Hosting Multilateral Youth-Exchange
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21-28.4 Vordingborg DK Bridges 2012 Hosting Multilateral Youth-Exchange
2010-11 Vordingborg+EE DK "Let me In" Coordinating Leonardo school-partnership on behalf of MultiCenter Syd
27.3-3.4 Vordingborg DK Bridges 2011 Hosting Multilateral Youth-Exchange
2010-11 Vordingborg+EE DK "Let me In" Coordinating Leonardo school-partnership on behalf of MultiCenter Syd
2010 Nykoebing F DK "Making a Difference" Democracyproject
1-8.05 Vordingborg DK Bridges 2010 Hosting Multilateral Youth-Exchange

9-16.5 Vordingborg DK "Bridges 2009" Hosting Multilateral Youth-Exchang
4-9.8 Vordingborg DK "RHYTHM" seminar on the influence of music and especially rhythm on the mind and the body.
17-24.5 Vordingborg DK "Bridges 2008" Hosting Multilateral Youth-Exchange
11-17.8 Vordingborg DK "In2Play" Training-course
28.4-5.5 Vordingborg DK "HOPE" Hosting Multilateral Youth-Exchange
6-12.11 Wales UK "In2Play" Assisting Welsh organisation "Dynamix" on implementing a training-course
28.10-4.11 Vordingborg DK "BRIDGES" Hosting Multilateral Youth-Exchange
4-10.9 V.N.Gaia PT Network-meeting Coordinating the annual Drums for Peace meeting
30.4-7.5 Hoptrup DK "VENSKAB" Assisting HPHS (Second chance school of Haderslev town) in implementing a multilateral Youth-Exchange
22-25.2 V.N.Gaia PT "Other Ways of Learning" Arttrain worked on application to EU's adult education program Grundtvig
7-13.11 Copenhagen DK "Puppetry in Youthwork" Training-course
23-30.10 Ishoej DK "Communication" Multilateral Youth-Exchange
5-12.11 Vordingborg DK "JOY" Multilateral Youth-Exchange
June Copenhagen DK "Forum Th. in Adult Ed." Partner meeting
25.10-1.11 Vordingborg DK "Together" Multilateral Youth-Exchange
2003-04 All over Europe   ECU-Net-Project Training-courses

5-10.11 Fredensborg DK ECU-Net-Project Focus group planning-meeting
28.9-5.10 Copenhagen DK "Trommer for Fred" Multilateral Youth-Exchange
12-16.6 Fredensborg DK "Baltic" Networking Meeting
16-30.3 Montluçon F "Cross Over" Itenerant Multilateral Youth-Exchange
  & Porto PT Performance Tour  

13-20.10 Copenhagen DK "Sharing" Multilateral Youth-Exchange
3-6.6 Copenhagen DK "Culture Bridge" Networking Meeting
24-28.1 Soroe DK "Heart Beat" Training course