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Together with the 4 partners mentioned below, Arttrain is now implementing the ECU-Net-Project, which will deliver training in the interactive, empowering drama form, forum theatre, and at the same time contribute to the establishing of European Network of Cultural Youth Work.

The 5 partners, from whom the idea of ECU-Net-Project did occur, have known eachother during 5-7 years. They
met during the periode of "Youthstart" projects, which were a part of European Social Fund from 1997-99, and most

of them took part in the artbased, transnational partnership "Artisan".

Since year 2000 they have co-operated within the informal network "Drums for Peace", and so they did apply to
European Union's program "Youth" in autumn 2001, and ECU-Net-Project will during 2 years receive financial
support from there.

Theatr Fforwm Cymru
Wales's Forum Theatre
Wales, UK
Creative Arts Partnership in Education
Leeds, England, UK
MJC, Montluçon
Maison de Jeunes et de la Culture de Montluçon
Associção para a Educação e Desenvilvimento Local
Porto, Portugal
The training is especially aimed at people from Bulgaria, Romania, Yugoslavia and Macedonia, who are working
with young people (animators, teachers, psychologists, artists and NGO's) and due to the grant from
EU's program "Youth", it has been possible to invite 40 people from these countries to participate for free.